Soros32 (v1.7)

Serial line (COM port) handling for Windows

In this unit we define the TCom32Port component and the TCustomCom32Port object class for RS232 asynchronous serial line handling.

TCustomCom32Port may be the ancestor of several serial line protocols (among others we derived an IEC 870-5-101 protocol handler and a TGpsClock GPS clock synchronizer component).

TCom32Port is a basic component for asynchronous reading an writing. It uses the COMx file pre-defined in Windows; line parameters can be set in design time through properties, including hardware flow-control parameters. In runtime you may start asynchronous (overlapped) read and write operations on the open line; event handlers will notify upon completion (synchronized on the main thread). Communication time-outs may be set for reading and writing.

A PDF file with the class definitions may be donloaded separatley.

Although only a Hungarian version of the unit is available currently, you may still make use of the source code. We tried to use clearly understandable english names for most properties and methods.


Version history

v1.7 (September, 2002)

v1.6 (October, 2001)

v1.5 (September, 2001)

v1.4 (August, 1999)

v1.3 (1999)

v1.2 (1998)

v1.1 (1998)

v1.0 (1997)