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Industrial process control systems

SoftReal Software Development Ltd. has been developing high quality process control systems for continuous operation in Hungary since 1991, from PC-based local SCADA systems to SCADA servers handling several thousand datapoints in real-time, from local databse tables to databases residing on SQL servers.

Electric power industry

We proudly present the EuroGateway device, our next generation communication solution in the field of substation automation. The Substation Automation System also incorporates an HMI client and several complementary software modules for configuring and operating the system. This new product line takes over the role of the former Integrated Protection Workstation and targets even more fields of application.

The Integrated Protection Workstation for transformer substations of electric power supply companies and industrial works has many implementations. This modular software system also integrates the acquisition and evaluation modules of digital disturbance recorders.

Our strategic partner is  Protecta Eletronics Ltd.  the leading hungarian company on the field of electronic protection devices.

Water works

SoftReal has developed the FER SCADA system for water works, which runs as a service application on Windows cluster servers, uses an InterBase SQL server, serves MMI and Front-End workstations as DCOM clients.

The FER system was initially developed for the  Water Works of Budapest.  it carried out the remote control of the whole water supply system of Great-Budapest, acquired about 1000 mesarurments and 2000 state informations continuously, executed 350 different remote commands.

The FER system of the  Water Works of Danube Region  has been developed much further, it implements an intelligent water supply system with cunsumption forecast and automatic pump station control.

For Delphi Object Pascal developers

SoftReal Ltd. makes available a selected part of its development results. Some object classes of the company library may be purchased as source modules, may be reused and distributed without any further license fee, and may be freely modified or changed at will.