On this page we enlist the registered users and installation sites of the following SoftReal applications. Please note that there are several complementary softwares which do not have any license fee, like the srImages and srPrintRec applications. EuroStation is also a free application but it still needs a serial number (a company registration) which is provided together with the EuroGateway hardware key.

EuroGateway & srHMI

EuroGateway is the next generation communication solution in the electric power industry. In our new product line, EuroGateway, srHMI and their complementary softwares take over the role of the former Protection Workstation.


The EuroGateway hardware is produced by Protecta; software program has been developed by SoftReal. The EuroGateway device is an IEC 61850 compliant communication gateway between the Substation Automation System (SAS) and a remote process control (SCADA) system and also between the substation devices and one or more, local or remote srHMI workstations. Its configuration tool is the EuroStation application.

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srHMI is the next generation human-machine interface (HMI) tool of SoftReal. The program connects to the SCADA server as a client, via an IP network. Currently only the EuroGateway device contains such a server. The srImages application serves for creating a custom scheme image configuration. We offer the srDraw application to create drawn (vector graphic) images. The program can start the srEval application to evaluate a selected disturbance record of the Substation Automation System.

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The srDraw - SoftReal's Scheme Image Draw application is suitable for creating and editing scheme images used by various display applications of SoftReal, like the srHMI application. srDraw is backward compatible with the former "Kepszerkeszto" application.

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The srEval software is SoftReal's evaluator tool for disturbance records of electric power networks. The srHMI human-machine interface application can start srEval to evaluate a selected disturbance record of the Substation Automation System. In our new product line, srEval takes over the role of the former Protection Workstation's ZirErt module.

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srFTP is SoftReal's automated file transfer application in Substation Automation Systems. The program can be configured for two different tasks. The first field of application is to transfer disturbance record, event log and daily archive files from one or more EuroGateway devices to an srHMI workstation. The other one is to transfer disturbance records from several Protecta Intelligent Electronic Devices to the target workstation. In either case newly created or updated files are transferred automatically from the source devices to the appropriate target folders.

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Protection Workstation

Integrated Protection Worksation is the central sypervisory and registration tool of the protection devices of an electric power network, allows supervision for all protections from a single workstation. Supports subsequent evaluation of disturbances, actions of protection devices, and also displaying real-time data and executing remote commands.

A modular software system, adatptable configurations may be constructed from a single disturbance evaluator module up to local SCADA functionality.

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Waterworks SCADA

FER SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system runs as a service application on Windows cluster servers. Uses InterBase SQL server, serves MMI and Front-End workstations as DCOM clients over a TCP/IP network.

The new FER developments at the  Water Works of Danube Region have been based on more than ten yers operation experiences at the  Water Works of Budapest.

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Map of Hungary

The map below shows the EuroGateway and Protection Workstation installations.