News in year 2002

December 10, 2002

The TapiApp (v1.1) demo application for Windows telephony data-modem handling is available for public download.

December 9, 2002

An update is available for SrTapi(v1.1). The TTapiLineDevice object for handling data-modem devices of Windows telephony is now able to accept incoming calls. The new OnCallOffering event handler will notify about an incoming call, OnCallID will update the caller's phone number (when available).

November 14, 2002

We have created a new Delphi component for the Windows telephony data-modem support. The SrTapi (v1.0) library module uses the interface modules of Joint Endeavour of Delphi Innovators (Project JEDI); it does not support Windows 95 (and previous) operation systems (requires TAPI v2.0 or newer version). TTapiLineService is an invisible component for handling data-modem services, it's DeviceByName property gives a TTapiLineDevice object for the modem, which can dial the given phone number. After a successful data-modem connection, the communication line will be available for binary data transfer. Version v1.0 supports only outgoing calls.

An update is available for Soros32 (v1.7). TCustomCom32Port has new OpenLine and CloseLine methods for TAPI (Telephony API) support. We have introdueced the Modem and ModemHandshake properties. RtsCts, UserRts, ProtectaModem, Modem and ModemHandshake properties effect each other's values. Parity and StopBits property values are validated, they can be extracted as string values by the XxxAsString properties.

November 13, 2002

Our HTML files has been moved from Axelero Adatpark to Nextra, so now we have the opportunity to develop our web site. (Our web pages are formatted and compressed by using Server Side Includes (SSI), also known as Server Parsed HTML (SPML) instructions; we do not use any web publication softwares, neither Microsoft FrontPage, nor anything else. Axelero under no circumstances wants to give SSI support.)